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“Surrounded by Strangers” for chamber Choir
“Uro” (fl., sax, cl, and dancer)
“Vandrehistorier - Landsbyen som scene”
“Skulptur” Percussion trio.

“Et Polyphonisk Teater om Reproduktion” - Music to an exhibition by Jette Hye Jin Mortensen. For 4 voices.
“Concertino” for female vocal/performer and electronics. The piece is performed for infants and their parents.

“TIN” A collaboration between the norwegian vocal/performance group “Små Grå”, “The Mannequin Ensemble” and Eyvind Gulbrandsen
“The Apology” Music for Jette Hye Jin Mortensens exhibition at Overgaden, Copenhagen. “The Dream - Video” A concert documentation of the piece.
"The Four Seasons" for saxophone, live electronics and audience as a choir (2012)

"The Changeling" a performance installation for Jullie Hjetland Jensen and The Mannequin Ensemble (2012)

"Den fyrste song eg høyra fekk" for the ensemble Lydenskab, live electronics and 6 mannequin dolls (2012)

"The Dream" for solo flute, tape and scenery (2012) (First performance scheduled for 2013)
"Canto Ergo Sum" - an concert installation for "The mannequin ensemble" (2011)

"...and as for now I have no further comment - Part 4: A celebration of love" - live electronic and acoustic performance for toy instruments, computer, a metal stand for drying clothes, matches/ candles, a lullaby, and rose petals. The coda is a kamikaze-improvisation performed by me and renowned Danish Jazz musicians (2011)
"Aero christmas carol" - for electric guitar and electronics (2010)

"...and as for now I have no further comment - Part 3: Nocturne."- live electronic performance, spoken word and live vocals by my mother. (2010)

"...and as for now I have no further comment - Part 2: Påsketræf" - live electronic performance and spoken word. (2010)
"...and as for now I have no further comment - Part 1" - an installation for 6 - 10 tape players and christmas albums, taped over with recordings of my own acoustic music. (2009)

"For Marie" - ambient music for an art exhibition (2009)
"Rabbit at the Airport III" (2008) - A piece for tape by Martin Stig Andersen. Credited as co- composer.
"Chopping wood" - a remix of Band Ane's Wood Delivery (2008) 
"Cabaret" - for tape and female vocalist (2007/2008)
"Still Life" - Video (2007)

"Good Night and good luck 1b" - for tape (2007) "Good Night and good luck 1a" - for tape (2007)
"Nostalgi" - for video and live improvisation. (2006)

"Seven Tales of Misery" Installation by Signa - Composer assistant for Martin Stig Andersen (2006)

"Gunnvor" - an electronic etude for tape (2006)
"Trio" for baritone saxophone, viola and piano (2005)
"...and miles to go before I sleep - for ensemble" (2004) "...and miles to go before I sleep - for tape" (2004)
"Next to nothing and beyond" for percussion and orchestra (2003)

"Musik for slagtøj, bassklarinett, bratsj og to glass" for percussion, bass clarinet, viola and two glasses (2003)

"Music for orchestra" (2003)
"Klekk!" (music for puppet theatre) for flute, percussion and electronics. (2002) 
"Essay" for horn (2002)

"Detections and spin-offs" for saxophone quartet (2002)
"Whirlwind" for vibraphone and three glasses (2001) 
"Work for marimba and viola" (2001)
- 2000
"Near misses" for tenor saxophone (2000)

"Min far erobret Troja" (music for puppet theatre) for saxophone, percussion and tape. (2000) 
"The sound of water through rocks" for tape (1999)

"Through your barbed wires" for string quartet (1999)

"In between" for sinfonietta (1998)
"Se mig (Le rêve du Club le rêve mystique)" (2010) - A remix of "Se mig" by "ditbandmitband" 
"Gnist" (2003) - Pop record by Åsmund Gylder. Credited as producer, string arranger and musician (Piano, Rhodes, Accordion)
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